Why do the combination screws need to be divided into a word and a Phillips screw?

2019-10-23 14:52:00

Screws are everywhere in our lives, from small watches to airplanes, with traces of screws everywhere. Screws should be one of the very great inventions that are indispensable in our lives. Combination screw manufacturers think that as long as there is industry in the world, the screws will not be eliminated. Because the screws are widely used, the types of screws are really many, and the common screw manufacturers have a word screw and a Phillips screw. So why do the screws cross the word and the word?

In fact, the word screw is invented earlier than the Phillips screw. A long time after the word screw was invented, the screwdriver was invented. I don't know if you are the same as Xiaobian. Have you used a pair of scissors to screw a screw without a screwdriver? But have you discovered that the word screw is easily broken? Therefore, the word screw is basically one-off.

Although the screw of the cross is not easily broken, the Phillips screw has no way to unscrew without a screwdriver. However, when the Phillips screw is screwed, the Phillips screw can better bite the screwdriver, and the Phillips screw is not easily damaged. So the Phillips screw is more durable. For more sophisticated parts like mobile phones and watches, Phillips screws are generally used. Therefore, the word screw and the Phillips screw have different uses.

Because the screw and the Phillips screw are screwed by the screwdriver, the force area is small, so it is easily damaged. So, later invented more different screws, like hexagon socket screws, but different screws need a corresponding screwdriver to use. Therefore, the combination screw manufacturer thinks that the daily household is still a general word screw and Phillips screw, which is convenient.

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