Why do salt spray experiments after combination screw plating?

2019-10-23 14:37:04

The purpose of the salt spray test is to evaluate the salt spray corrosion resistance of the combined screw or metal material. The salt spray test result is the judgment of the product quality. The judgment result is correct and reasonable. It is a correct measure of the product or metal salt resistance. The key to the quality of fog corrosion.

The methods for determining the salt spray test results include: rating determination method, weighing determination method, corrosion occurrence determination method, and corrosion data statistical analysis method.

The rating judgment method divides the percentage of the ratio of the corrosion area to the total area into several levels according to a certain method, and uses one level as the basis for the qualification judgment, which is suitable for the evaluation of the flat sample;

The weighing method is to evaluate the corrosion resistance quality of the sample by calculating the weight of the corrosion loss by weighing the weight of the sample before and after the corrosion test. It is especially suitable for assessing the corrosion resistance quality of a certain metal;

The corrosion occurrence determination method is a qualitative determination method. It determines the sample after the salt spray corrosion test and whether the combination screw is corroded. Most of the general product standards use this method;

The statistical analysis method of corrosion data provides a method for designing corrosion tests, analyzing corrosion data, and determining the confidence of corrosion data. It is mainly used for analysis and statistical corrosion, rather than for specific quality determination of a specific product.

Therefore, according to the above, the corrosion resistance of the combined combination screw is generally measured by a salt spray test.

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